“In Canada and in Europe, games are a universal marketing tool that adapt to all sectors!”

INTERVIEW OF CAROLINE DUMORTIER, Business Development Manager Canada at Actiplay

1. How long have you been working for Groupe ConcoursMania and what is your function?

I have been Business Development Manager Canada at Groupe ConcoursMania for the past year and a half. I took part in Actiplay’s launch on the Canadian market. Today, I am in charge of the expansion of our Canadian subsidiary based in Montreal (Quebec).

2. In terms of marketing games, what are Canada’s specificities compared to France?

First of all, it is important to distinguish the Quebecois market from the English-speaking Canadian market.

In Quebec, all the players on the market want to stand out from their competitors with unique and specific marketing games. Therefore, the concept of a game organized by several brands is not transposable. Conversely, English-speaking Canada follows the United States’ dynamics regarding marketing games and data collection. Most are shared marketing games.

The Canadian legislation on data collection was reformed a year ago. Canada’s anti-spam legislation requires that Canadian and foreign organizations that send commercial emails in Canada obtain the explicit consent of the recipients. This law is strictly controlled, that is why we are assisted by a law firm.

3. When you develop a game for a brand in Canada, what marketing objective(s) do you follow?

In Canada and in Europe, games are a universal marketing tool that adapt to all sectors, whether it be e-commerce, banks, insurance companies or even media.

The marketing games that we create mainly follow 3 objectives:

  • Improve the qualification of customer and lead databases
  • Automate the commercial follow-up of these databases (by creating a customer loyalty rewards program, a permanent and dynamic commercial follow-up of the customer’s op’tin contacts…)
  • Set up a customer acquisition scheme (acquire new leads and widen the customer’s core target)

4. What kind of features do you offer your customers?

With Actiplay, brands can leverage marketing games to reach their target audience by implementing two strategies:

  • The creation of tailor-made marketing games, adapted to the brand’s objectives and universe. We create striking and fun game mechanisms that are deliberately short: players have to remain focused on the brand and its website, not only on the game!
  • Broadcasting digital campaigns on our Quebecois and English-speaking Canadian specialized websites. Our targeted emailing campaigns enable us to reach directly the core target of our customers through a determined segmentation. Thanks to a wide range of targeting standards (1.2 million addresses and over 40 segmentations), we offer acquisition and loyalty solutions adapted to our customers’ needs.

5. How do you generate traffic on the games you’ve created?

Groupe ConcoursMania owns 3 Quebecois websites (Toutacoup.ca, Kadogagant.ca and Touslesconcours.ca) and 2 English-speaking Canadian websites (Wannawin.ca and Contestluck.ca which will be released shortly). They enable our customers to reach their core target on these two markets. Our websites are specialized in the “contests” thematic. They are essential in the world of online gaming in Canada, with #1 position on the market!

6. What are the benefits for brands of such a broadcasting network in Canada?

With our sites, our marketing games benefit from great visibility and a strong natural traffic. We also promote our customers’ games by the means of targeted emailing campaigns and social networks (over 54.500 fans on Facebook).

7. Do you assist your clients with the regulatory aspect of marketing games?

We assist our clients in all stages of the creation of a marketing game, from concept development to dispatching prizes. If our customers wish, we are perfectly capable of helping them with the regulatory aspect of their marketing game.

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