Digital Entertainment “A powerful way to broadcast advertising campaigns”

INTERVIEW: GUILLAUME JALIN, Business Development Manager Ad’n’Play.
Ad’n’Play, first international advertising network specialized in digital entertainment is an Actiplay’s service.

1. How long have you been working for Groupe ConcoursMania and what is your function?

I have joined Groupe ConcoursMania in 2008. I had different responsibilities and I am since 2 years Ad’n’Play’s manager. Ad’n’Play is the monetization solution we deployed for digital entertainment players (web, Facebook, mobile).

2. What is “digital entertainment”?

To make it simple, we are talking about all the content having any relation with online entertainment. Whether it means games, video or music. We offer advertisers a way to communicate with their target in a casual environment. While having fun, Internet users get more responsive and aware of all the messages they received.
Did you know that digital entertainment is the first source of traffic on internet? It represents more than 500 million players all over the world and 25 million in France*.

3. Can a brand, regardless of its business sector, reach its target through an advertising network dedicated to games?

Everybody plays and loves to play! In our network, we have games, websites, applications tailored to every segment of the population. Consequently, we can choose supports that will guarantee advertisers their messages will reach the right audience.

4. Which formats work the best at the moment?

The formats ‘performance depends on the supports on which they are present, how they are highlighted and the relevance of the ads itself. There is no fixed answer. We developed technical solutions which allow us to be very competitive both on all the classic IAB formats and on the pre-roll video. On this last format in particular, we are performing very well with very impressive completion rates and click rates. 50% of players have willingly watched an entire video while their game was loading*. This format is therefore appreciated by players. Advertisers are increasingly realizing this environment advertising messages: 36% of players have already bought a product after they watched an advertisement while their game was loading*.

5. How do you measure the impact of a campaign?

The click through ratio and the conversion rate are always essential indicators to measure the campaigns’ performance. This is the case with the display banners but also with the video formats. If we focus on the video, we will, for example, also focus on the completion rate to reassure advertisers about the percentage of views of ads broadcasted in pre-roll. Eventually, we increasingly integrate the “visibility” notions of an ad. It is important for advertisers as well as for publishers that ads get seen by the internet user in optimal relaxed conditions.

6. We have heard a lot about real time bidding lately. Can you explain this principle?

If I had to summarize real time bidding, I would compare it to an auction room where each advertising impression is offered. All advertisers are present and the one proposing the best price for the impression will get it. Of course, we integrate in our offer the latest technical solutions regarding real time bidding to guarantee our publishers the best possible price for their impressions.

7. What are the most popular games in your advertising network?

Once again, there is no fixed answer. We work with publishers offering which propose very different game environment. Some publishers exclusively offer games for girls (make-up, fashion, cooking) while others offer ‘immersion” strategy games for young adult males.

If I had to synthesize in very general terms, I would say:

– young girls love make-up and fashion games
– women love match 3 games, puzzle games, hidden objects game and management games
– boys prefer action/strategy games
– men will choose sport games

Of course, this is a very synthesized vision. (For more information about their profils, their habits and their favorite games, please download our infographic by clicking on this link.)

8. Are there special characteristics in each country?

We have a very large network of advertisers all over the world. This allows us to monetize all the traffic wherever it comes from. Many elements actually have to be taken into account and you cannot offer any partner the same solutions, ad will not be the same for a French audience or for an Indonesian or Latin American audience.. There are, indeed, regional specificities and we know how to get deal with rid of these to reach the best results.

9. How do you pay advertisers/publishers?

Publishers are paid according to CPM. We have “performance” campaigns or CPM campaigns from our advertisers’ network. We calculate an eCPM so our publishers have a clear visibility of the “value” of their inventory. Consequently, they can easily compare performances.

10. How large is your network?

In 2014, we broadcasted an average of almost one billion monthly impressions all over the world.
Latin America is very dynamic with more than 20% of advertising impressions, especially Brazil and Argentina. The USA and France belong to the Top 10 countries in terms of impressions volume. More and more broadcasters trust us. We make a point of offering them an effective solution that will reach their goals and ambitions.

For more information on The French and casual gaming, download the infographic !

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*Statistical data have been collected via an interactive form sent by emailing. This survey concerns the French and casual gaming. Survey carried out from February 20 to March 10 2014. Number of respondents constituting the representative sample: 1715