E-Marketing Paris: attend our conference!

Details about our conference:

« WELCOME-SMS »: combine profiles’ collection and a push SMS to boost your immediate sales!
April 14th 2015 from 4:30 to 5:15 pm (Room 1)

Preview Actiplay’s new solution: the « welcome-SMS ». Combine the instantaneousness and mobility of an SMS with profiles collection using games to address a targeted marketing message to all your prospects, wherever they may be. You wish to promote a new offer, communicate about an event, support your customer loyalty…? Once you have collected their profile, the welcome-SMS allows you to send a personalized offer to your prospects in order to optimize your transformation rate.

Please note that the conference will be in French.

Jérémy Ducournau, Business Development Director, Actiplay (Groupe ConcoursMania)
Joanna Stiers-Pichavant, Account Director, Actiplay (Groupe ConcoursMania)

To attend our conference, download your entry pass on the event’s website : it’s free, click here!