« Gamification is an efficient marketing tool for any business! »


1. How long have you been working at Groupe ConcoursMania and what is your function?

For 2 years now, I am an Account Manager at Actiplay, ConcoursMania’s commercial entity. I am responsible for the banking and insurance vertical as well as all public institutions

2. What questions a customer should ask himself before creating his marketing game?

For me, there are 3 essential questions that need to be addressed before starting a marketing game project:

The first one is, of course, what are the advertiser objectives? It is essential to properly identify this point to select the game mechanism that will be the most efficient. If the advertiser has several objectives, it will be important to prioritize them.

Budget is also very important as we have the ability to create games that are worth from a few thousand Euros to tens of thousands Euros. Depending of the advertiser objectives, a quite simple can be as efficient as a more complex one, it really depends on our client targets.

Finally, clients often forget to think about how they will promote the game. This part is as important as the game itself. A game, as nice and fun as it may be, will never work if nobody sees it!

3. How long does it take to create a game?

There is no standard, it really depends on the complexity of the project. However, the process absolutely needs to be organized around 3 key steps: creation, development and testing which should not be underestimated.

4. Is the marketing game limited to particular sectors?

There is no “reserved” or “dedicated’ sector, on the contrary. Gamification is an efficient marketing tool for any business.

Every day, we create games for commercial websites to boost their sales. But we also create games for public structures wanting to promote or explain their services through an entertaining tool, or even work with educational structures to create some fun review modules, to optimize the success rates on school examinations.

Game is not only about selling. It develops audiences’ involvement, engagement and loyalty by making contents more pleasant to discover and assimilate.
The current trends are about using game for management, e-learning and to influence population behaviors (safety, environment…).

5. What are the various kinds of existing games?

Quiz and drawing lot are the most used mechanics as it a simple way for a brand to communicate and promote a product, an event or whatever. If the brand wants to leverage on the entertainment aspect of a game, there is nothing better than inserting the brand universe key elements into the gameplay of the game (memory, racing car…). Instant wins mechanisms are also very efficient as they are highly stimulating players. It should be noted that these games can be developed on Facebook if the brand’s ambition is more about virality or growing its number of fans. Online contest are also good way to involve and retain the players. Among the most classical online contests, there is, for example, the picture contest which is quite interesting to generate traffic on a website or also to collect content. To retain an audience, game zones are performing very well as these online gaming platforms allow brands to create a players community which has access to special offers. And finally, the serious game is used, as explained earlier, to send a more “serious” message (educational, prevention …) to the audience.

6. What are the main marketing games goals?

As game is not only reserved to certain sectors, we are creating tailor-made games which are responsive to be seen by the largest number of people regardless of the devices used. These games meet different objectives:

– Increasing sales
– Collecting profiles
– Generating traffic
– Building customer loyalty
– Team motivation
– Community animation
– Message assimilation
– Event launching…

7. Which prizes are trendy?

First of all, players enjoy winning money or vouchers from the organizing brand, then high tech prizes (PC, pad and television, phone in order of preference) and travels. But again, the prize has to been chosen not only according to the current trends, but taking into account to the the brand’s entity and its targeted audience. In any case, choose the prize carefully as it is the players’ first motivation to participate to your game. We made an infographic on this subject that can be downloaded by clicking here!

8. What are the tools you offer to your clients to generate traffic for their game?

We own sizeable direct marketing data bases on which we can display the games we’ve created for our clients. We have the ability to offer very specific and targeted strategies depending on criteria that are key for our client (localization, gender, age…). In specific terms, for a global audience game we already generated more than 100.000 players in one month. I stress that it depends on the target, the chosen game mechanic, the selected prize and especially the traffic generation process. Don’t forget that a marketing game will meet your objectives only if you make it visible! Actiplay expertise is not only about creating successful marketing games, it is also about generating the audience that will make our clients games successful.

9. What project has struck you the most?

I have good souvenirs of each of my projects. Every time it is an adventure which requires a good understanding of my clients’ needs and objectives to provide the most adapted solution.

For example, we created for La Poste, a game available on mobile, pad and PC which helps putting forward and support the Collector stamps book’s sales (http://jeu-timbreagratter.laposte.fr/), especially through its online store. Our proposal was driven by the necessity to position the product itself in the middle of the game mechanic and to develop the game rewarding dimension: 5 winners per day and more than 900 prizes to win! It should be noted that players discover and have fun with the Collectors as many times as they want. To be more precise, we developed a double mechanic game: people owning a code, obtained thanks to the scratch stamp, have access to an instant-win to immediately win prizes and two mini-games allow the audience to discover La Poste specific product…

We are currently working on projects which put the player in the middle of the game: customization of the game to his image, avatars’ creation … so the player will be more involved into the game and into the brand.

We slowly turn towards “ultra-personalized” game, where the answer to the player’s expectation is almost tailor-made.

We are looking forward to showing that to you!

Contact us: info@actiplay.com