Data catching
Data quality
Data activation

DATA CATCHING: Tailored mechanisms
for collecting qualified leads


Collect new profiles

We create tailored marketing campaigns just for you (marketing games, sponsoring, dedicated page, co-registration, landing page) to let you recruit only the profiles with a strong and immediate commitment to your products.

Generate traffic

We have a large distribution network of our own as well as partnered that will let you reach the profiles that interest you. Our own network consists of over 25 million regularly solicited active addresses, then enriched with information you need.

Our devices :

Dedicated game [+], Sponsoring [+], Dedicated page [+], Co-registration [+], Landing page [+], I-frame device [+], Dedicated emailing [+], Click lead [+]

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DATA QUALITY: A high-quality database
for targeted messaging

Update the information on your prospects/customers

We can clean up the data in your database: Postal address Restructuring, Standards compliance and Validation (RNVP) to update information, delete duplicates, identify individuals not wanting to be telemarketed (Bloctel / TPS)…

Obtain more data on the profiles in your database

Address, email, date of birth, phone, mobile… we enrich your records by matching your database to our 25 million profiles.

Rent ultra-targeted files

Thanks to our upstream work on our own databases, we can send you a list of profiles who have declared their interest in an offer or product or have a specific need.

Enrich your data

You already have a database of prospects/customers but you want to know a bit more about their profile, their purchase intentions, their tastes? We can supplement your database by setting up engaging enrichment strategies.

How it works?

Discover how enrichment works through a diagram [+] and a detailed chart [+].

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DATA ACTIVATION : Loyalty schemes to stay in touch
with your prospects and customers


Revive your inactives

We revive your inactives by segmenting them, and then sending them targeted messages via PRM/CRM (promotional offers, gift certificates, contests, surveys, sampling, opinion polls).

Capture information about internet users

Thanks to the 25 million profiles in our database and a url cookie system, we can offer messages suited to the needs of your audience (retargeting, emailing, pop in newsletters).

Strengthen active-customer loyalty

We create a loyalty gamezone for you where we capture signs of users’ intentions that can be followed up with tailored offers.

Our devices:

Gamezone [+], PRM Program [+]

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